The Wasteland of Mad Max

This pictures are not mine.
This pictures are not mine.

Avalanche’s world of Mad Max is desolate and so barren that makes Fallout 3 look like a better videogame all around and probably is for a videogame that released in 2008. Mad Max’s desert landscape is essentially a fucking desert and filled with emptiness that it makes me kinda depressed, unlike Fallout 3 were the world around you was littered with Sidequests and unmarked quests with very things that tell the player that civilization was once here, but it works brilliantly well and here’s how.

The world around you doesn’t tell you what happened, there isn’t no backstory to how the land became so desolate and depressing. It thrives on mystery and the imagination, what came before sand and desolated landscapes, nobody knows unless you pick up some old relics that Max can find around the world ( this is crap.) There is also a threat to the world: humans. Raiders trying to survive  out there in the land. Their minds fixed on destruction and death and they ride around the stormy landscape.


When danger comes knocking on your doorstep, it’s fast and dangerous like living in the fast line. The chase can be long, stretching across sun-scorched desert lands and the combat feels drastically satisfying and also photo mode on Xbox One does amazing wonders.  The Big Empty that Max finds himself in is literally quite empty but it works to an extent. Everything is Sandy and fucking hot. I love it. But probably I’ll still go back to Fallout 3.


So far, playing Mad Max is a blast although it isn’t no Fallout 3. Avalanche created so much with little content, the world never stops and it continues to change. Repetition creeps in but it is one of the best roadtrips I’ve been on.

* * *


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