How Season Passes are Influencing Videogames.

Darth Vader in EA's Star Wars: Battlefront.
   Darth Vader in EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront.

Hi friends, this post came one day early because I wanted to talk about something that’s plaguing the community.

The past five years, publishers has gotten more creative with the money flow and how you pay for Downloadable Content and monetize how videogames work. It used to be that $50 or $60 paid at the register was the lifetime for that videogame could expect from a copy at retail. Now, that works differently.  That number has bloomed now with CE’s and Limited Editions.

Publishers have a growing challenge on their hands. Costs for making videogames are increasing as technology progresses further into the future, costs are extended longer due to connected platforms of online play.


October 12’s announcement of Star Wars: Battlefront’s Season Pass and the $120 version of the videogame that might be only sold at digital stores like the Xbox Marketplace or the Playstation’s PS Store or Steam drives the point home that gaming has become expensive and the $49.99 for the Season Pass is ridiculous and I may have the option to not get it, I would get it because I’m pretty impressed with Star Wars: Battlefront and want to play it but the concept is pretty ridiculous when Fallout 4’s Season Pass is half of that, for only $29.99. Videogames have gotten expensive, really expensive and not just for Downloadable Content but for videogames themselves. I feel like the Star Wars: Battlefront Season Pass has bad news all over it.

I just feel that’s it bad because more videogames are going down that route and that’s a trend, hopefully we’ll see end and will go back to the early days of the Xbox 360 where there aren’t any season passes. Star Wars, BioShock Infinite, Assassin’s Creed which has been doing this for years, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and even Fallout is doing this but at a least cost which is fine by me. It’s a trend that keeps growing, hopefully it will end. It’s too much money to spend on one videogame, let alone on Star Wars: Battlefront. What do you think, is it bad or good?



2 thoughts on “How Season Passes are Influencing Videogames.

  1. Can’t say I’m the biggest fan on Season Pass’s. They are probably rewarding for the people that get them but they are just not for me

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    1. Same. Can’t say I’m the biggest fan, I believe it’s rewarding but I only get a season pass if the videogame is *that* good to get a season pass. It tore me in half when I heard BioShock had a season pass when BioShock Infinite released back in 2013.


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