Tranquility Lane: Goodbye, Fallout 3.

The Pip-Boy 2000.
                 The Pip-Boy 2000.

Saying Goodbye is the worst thing, especially if it’s a 7 year old videogame that meant alot to you. Making Timmy Neusbam cry in Tranquility Lane and making the Chinese Army appear there was amazing. On October 28th, Fallout 3 turned 7 years old.

The Tranquility Lane quest in Fallout 3 is one of Gaming’s most memorable sequences of the last generation and one of the best moments in Fallout 3, by far. Saying Goodbye is nothing easy. The desolate and barren wasteland of Washington D.C is the second most harrowing and memorable experiences in Gaming.

Against the death, the radscorpions, and the raiders that roam the unforgiving wasteland. Tranquality Lane and the memories I had with Fallout 3 is entirely different.

Vault Secure!
                       Vault Secure!

The memories I made with Fallout 3 was not just the Tranquility Lane questline that ended with your Dad being the local dog trapped in Von Braun’s simulation, it was the Big Band score of the radio and the swinging songs of the Ink Spots and the much beloved Andrew Sisters. Going around the Wasteland, humming and singing along to the Andrew Sisters and the Ink Spots despite not ever liking any Period era music meant alot to me and hearing Herbert “Daring.” Dashwood on GNR was amazing. Apparently, my failings in School are linked to Bethesda’s revival of the classic Roleplaying videogame franchise that began in the late ’90s.

Making the local Kid, Timmy Neusbam cry was amazing but I felt really bad. Although, I do oblige and make my best impression with Speech, telling Timmy that his Parents doesn’t love him and they’re getting a divorce because of him felt so mean and felt so satisfying. Betty doesn’t stop there, however.


Betty keeps going and orders the Lone Wanderer malicious orders that I’m able to refuse or oblige, making choice more important until she tells you to become the famous Pint-Sized Slasher. I refuse and enter the abandoned house and do the little puzzle that’s attached to the quest, and ultimately the failsafe is activated, ruining the simulation. That’s the memory I have of Tranquility Lane.

My best memory of Fallout 3 is obtaining the Alien Blaster from the Alien crashsite which sent the chills down my spine as I thought Fallout 3 was as grounded and realistic as it could possibly be until this moment.  Seeing the Crashsite which would later be the starting point for Mothership Zeta kinda scared me. I knew Fallout 3 and the series as a whole was about classic Americana and 1950’s America but I never thought Bethesda could go that far, which by then I knew it was all about what was happening in America around that time period.

Desolate Wasteland.
                 Desolate Wasteland.

Seeing the crashsite was amazing and seeing the dead alien was so absurd that it was wacky and weird that I really enjoyed it. That was memorable, very memorable. And also one was of the Super Mutant, Leo but that’s another story for another day.

Who knew Fallout 3 would have such an profound impact on me. Saying Goodbye is the worst, especially if it’s a seven year old videogame that released in 2008. A beloved videogame.


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