Fallout 4: Facing the Wasteland and Why it Intimidates Me…Again

Atom Bomb Baby.
                     Atom Bomb Baby.

Fallout 4 intimidates me for very specific reasons. Much like how Fallout 3 intimidated me once seeing the Capital Wasteland for the first time since exiting Vault 101. At the heart of Fallout is the open world and it’s character system. Doing whatever you want, doing what you want, and having it reward you in many ways doesn’t intimidate me, just the open world part of Fallout 4.

Much like Fallout 3, seeing Washington D.C in it’s post-apocalypse nature scared me and seeing the Washington Monument as far as the eye can see, deeply frightened me.  Looking that far made me almost vomit and nauseous due to the size of the map.

Power Armor and Dogmeat.
            Power Armor and Dogmeat.

Entering the Boston Wasteland can be scary and frightening, it never happened to me in The Elder Scrolls videogames, just only in the Fallout videogames, especially the new ones that always scares me. Also, the fact that the voiced protagonist sorta scares me too. Not having a voice before in Fallout is scary.

Bringing voice to a videogame that’s been so much about roleplaying and selecting dialogue and imagining what your character sounds like was comforting but now with a voiced protagonist is scary. I’m not sure how to take it with stride.


So, you must imagine how I feel about all of this. Hearing voice for the first time from the player, the size of the map that could be larger then The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim or Fallout 3 combined is taunting and frightening.

Hopefully I can get over it after playing some hours and we’re just 4 days away from Fallout 4! All aboard the train!


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