Fallout 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider: Civilization and Tomb Raiding!


Patrolling the Wastes.
Patrolling the Wastes.


( Note: This article has already appeared on my blog site at ign.com, make sure to check it out!) 

Howdy, everyone! This is your resident fallout fanatic here, and if you’re joining me on Wednesday, November 11th and Thursday, November 12th for a special event known as Fallout 4 Launch Week, then great news for all! I can tell you exactly when my impressions will be up and when the very special blog post will be up, my first impressions, you can catch them on ign.com on Tuesday, November 10th under atlas8ball and on Wednesday, November 11th, I will be doing a blogpost on what you can expect from Fallout 4, similar to a second first impressions which will go live at 11 am E.T which will be 8 am p.t.

The Wanderer.
The Wanderer.

On Thursday, November 12th, I will be writing a special feature on what makes Fallout 4 so special even if I played for a few hours and what makes everything about Fallout 4 so special after 2008’s Fallout 3!

I’m prepared to play Fallout 4 and to bring you all sorts of gameplay blogs right to you! This is all so very exciting to get a chance to play Fallout 4 after so many years waiting for it. But not everything will be about Fallout 4 although…

Lara Croft.
Lara Croft.

On Friday, November 14th, I will be bringing you Rise of the Tomb Raider first before posting my first impressions of Rise of the Tomb Raider, I will be purchasing both.The impressions will go live at 12 pm E.T / 9 am pt , I’m so excited!

I hope you join me this week to bring the gaming community joy as the arrival of Fallout 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider comes closer and closer, the big hitters arrive this week.


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