Why I chose Fallout 4 as my Game of the Year


Patrolling the Wastes.


“If I had to sum up gaming in 2015 in one word I’d use the word “exciting.” because truth be told, it was a very exciting year for gaming. Everything from Fallout 4 to Rise of the Tomb Raider was exciting, even those that played Bloodborne which is exclusive to PS4 was astounded by it. One moment, we had plenty of good videogames and the next we heard that Mirror’s Edge and Mass Effect: Andromeda was releasing next year, and then we heard Mirror’s Edge was pushed back to May of 2016. What’s that, you can’t wait until May? Just imagine me trying to wait for Holiday just to play Mass Effect: Andromeda. 

However, this isn’t about what videogames that are coming next year. With gaming in 2016 looking like a very good year with the likes of The Division, Far Cry: Primal, Mass Effect: Andromeda and much more, it’s time to look back and rejoice. With that being said, GOTY 2015 is here.


Dogmeat and Power Armor.



Fallout 4, what can I say about it? There is plenty of good things to be said about Fallout 4 and not alot of negatives but it has flaws, alot of flaws and that’s not the Bethesda fanboy in me, but because it’s genuine and it’s really good and when you sit down and play it, it looks like Bethesda Game Studios took their time with it and the seven year wait was definitely worth it.What Bethesda Game Studios created was something special, and it created something special in my heart and in my body. Not only is Fallout 4, the videogame of my dreams, the one that I’ve been waiting for but it’s the next generation of what Bethesda can do with what I’m presuming is The Elder Scrolls VI coming up next, and I can’t wait for that either but Fallout 4 definitely did 2015 in for me.

Between Fallout 4 and The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, I chose Fallout 4 because we got another Fallout and because we got a better Fallout videogame, one that actually feels great to play and one that’s so fun and each time you play, there’s something new to do and there’s something else to explore. Boston is this exciting place to explore because we don’t know what Boston was in the earlier Fallouts like Fallout 3 and each time you played Fallout 3, they would mention “The Institute” and mention, “The Commonwealth” , a mysterious place up north and what we got in Fallout 4 was indeed mysterious and felt very much like you were stepping into this unknown land where synths and the Institute was watching your every step. Boston and the Commonwealth is so exciting at every turn, that you lose hours upon hours just exploring the Wasteland. Fallout 4 did something to me that not every videogame of 2015 did for me.” – GOTY 2015 article.

trailer city
Nick the Synth in Goodneighbor.


Those were my words from my article on IGN. com on my blogsite because Fallout 4 is a unique videogame and one that resonates with me, it’s been so long since we last got one in the main series and it is a better Fallout videogame.  Why I chose Fallout 4 to be my Game of the Year of last year? That’s the question.

Because it’s good and it’s something that we’ve, those who’ve played the previous Fallout videogames been waiting for since 2008 and the rumblings of a sequel way back in 2012 and the rumors around Boston that there was indeed Bethesda folks scouting around, and that turned out to be true.


Codsworth E3
210 years since we last saw each other. True Love!


Fallout 4 means alot to me, even if it has been two months since it released, in this post Fallout 4 world I hope there is more Fallout videogames coming out soon.

Fallout 4 is a videogame that it is rich in gameplay, that the overall narrative of the videogame is solid and it’s much better than Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Also it tops both videogames in terms of Graphics, story, and gameplay plus also it feels familiar.  That’s okay because Todd Howard redefined what made Fallout 3 great back in 2008, it’s mechanics, VATS, story are all top-notch and better then both videogames. That’s why it won my Game of the Year of 2015.

I hope to see what Bethesda does next. Happy 2016, folks and Happy Gaming!


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