Sorry for InActivity


Codsworth E3


Sorry for the inactivity, folks. I’ve been super busy and busy doing real-life shenanigans and trying to get things back up. If you need anything, please go to my webpage at ( ) and ask me there, I’m so sorry for the inactivity. I will resume posting next week, once I get everything back up and running. For now, for any new posts go to my webpage at the click in the parenthesis.

The challenges of writing a blog here when you have a blog ¬†on another website is challenging , and of course remembering to write blogs here is a challenge in itself. I love this website as I can do new things, add new content each and every week then the usual stuff on my regular website at http://www.ign. com , the truth of the matter is that I’ve been going through some real-life stuff, not anything bad, just the regular duties of any person so I haven’t gotten the chance to write anything.

Prepare for the Future!


I hate to not write anything and giving out new content each week, so it’s been a quite a toll. I don’t want to disappoint all of you or any of you who may come and read my videogame stuff or go to my webpage and read the latest stuff I have to offer for the fine folks on MyIGN , so here’s to 2016, new videogames, and new content here and every week!

vault boy
Goodbye for now!


See you all next week!



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