BioShock: Favorite Single-Player Experience.


Happy New Year, 1959.

( Note: This article appeared on my blog site at www. ign. com.) 

“To build a city at the bottom of the sea… insanity. But where else could we be free from the clutching hands of the parasites?  Where else could we build an economy that they would not try to control, a society they would not try to destroy? It was not impossible to build Rapture at the bottom of the sea. It was impossible to build it anywhere else.” , Andrew Ryan says this on an audio diary in Hephaestus Core.

“Favorite Single-Player experiences.” That’s a good prestigious award . Over the years there has been many; From EA, From Bethesda Game Studios, iD Studio, MachineGames, Infinity Ward  and many other publishers and developers. However none of them, dare I say can hold a candle to one of the best single-player experiences I’ve ever experienced…. The Original BioShock.

BioShock rules as one of my favorite single-player experiences ever. Never before have I seen a videogame that oozes with atmosphere and personality. Even with BioShock Infinite and BioShock 2, alongside Fallout and The Witcher ( I’m counting them in as Singleplayer.) I still look forward to playing BioShock, because it oozes with atmosphere and the setting is so good. Rapture is such a cool place and the lore of Rapture is so interesting. It’s unforgiving, especially on Hard and with no Vita Chambers turned off.

The Big Daddy.


BioShock was / is this phenomenal game, it dropped with everything that I wanted out of a single-player experience, nothing was forced or made me do anything, all of it was natural and I fell in love with it. The atmosphere, the setting, the haunting 20th century tunes of days gone by like Bobby Darin’s Beyond the Sea that can be heard in the Cocktail Lounge at Fort Frolic, the artwork of the posters lying around Rapture, and the artstyle of BioShock made me realize that BioShock is no ordinary game, it’s a special one.

All of this culminated in what is the best, in my opinion, amazing single-player linear videogame I’ve had the pleasure of playing in 2009. It is / was this amazing experience that I probably will never forget, throughout the years since finishing it in 2009, I go back to it every year. It brings you to the edge of your seat, leaves you shocked, and doesn’t let you go until the endgame where everything is revealed, once again.







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