Tom Clancy’s The Division First Impressions

From E3 2013.

For this first impressions, I will keep it short and minimal, also brief to let everyone play the Division at their own pace and let the game sink into their soul, without telling much. The first thing that struck me about The Division was the world and the setting.

The Division’s world and setting is the most intriguing about the game itself, the Apocalypse and Christmas, also loads of Christmas Music that you can hear faintly in New York’s malls. The Division and the setting is something that we have seen time and time again, but it isn’t like Fallout or The Walking Dead, it has meaning and it’s a dark world.

The world is heavy-handed, from the opening cutscene which is pretty good in itself because it’s paints a believable, realistic picture of a virus outbreak that has destroyed New York from the inside and from survivors asking you for help, nothing but the first 40 minutes and probably still an hour in was nothing but just looking around the world, and picking up phone conversations and finding ECHOs strewn about Manhattan.

Battle on Wall Street.

The rest of my orientation into this world was just something that you would see out of Destiny or any online-only game. A hub filled with other players, NPCs that offer you gear and weapons, a map filled with side quests, quests, encounters, etc. The Division handles all of this pretty well, the menus are clean but hard to read, but also the menu can be the worst thing about The Division because sometimes, it will be nothing but numbers and clutter.

Ubisoft gave us an RPG and they semi-delivered, it still is an RPG but in terms of stats, systems, a basic-looking upgrade path that offer perks and a number of modifications to make those perks stronger, attachments to weapons, most of the things that you see in an RPG is there in some way or another.

At least, for now, The Division has a story and it’s throwing me more RPG systems and mechanics then ever, and that’s a sign that we’re going in the right direction and on the right path that Ubisoft is doing something to fix their reputation. It’s a long way to the endgame but I hope for the rest of the ride, The Division has something meaty and has hooks like the first hour or even the first 40 minutes.


10 thoughts on “Tom Clancy’s The Division First Impressions

  1. I played the beta and was a little worried about the somewhat small skill tree for each area. I am not even sure what the max level in the game is? Do you think there is enough perks and skills to keep leveling up feeling exciting and motivating?

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    1. I believe the max level is 38 or 30, not really sure. I don’t think there is enough perks and skills to level up, plus the way you earn perks is through the upgrade system of BOP ( Base of Operations.) , you have to buy with supplies new areas of the Tech, Medical, and some other wing to earn perks. Neat idea but I don’t think there is.

      It surprised me, The Division. I was worried after the E3 2015 demo and each delay but it turned out fine.


      1. Hmm thanks for the info. Overall I did enjoy the beta so il likely get it soon. Thanks again!

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      2. I was kinda worried in the beta because it looked iffy but now all of that is thrown out the window, you’re very much welcome!


      3. Which part was that? I honestly only did two story missions but loved how easy it was to play with friends.

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  2. There isn’t any part, I was just addressing my thoughts on the Division Beta. At first, I was playing through the beta when it was available and I just felt like a rush of mixed reactions hit me because I wasn’t feeling “it” , the WOAH moment that you’re actually playing this game that you’ve been waiting for the past 3 years and that Aha moment that usually strikes you

    But now, all of that mixed reactions are thrown out the window because now, I’m actually loving it and yes, I did three story missions with friends last night and it was so easy. Great game so far.


    1. That is good to hear, looking forward to trying it out myself this week! Does it have a solid storyline so far? One that draws you in? Or is it kind of lost in the multiplayer aspect of it all?

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      1. I haven’t really played much of the story, because the story missions are always so hard to do solo and you always need a friend to take on the story stuff, so far it has a story but I haven’t touched it.

        Mainly I’ve been doing side-quests and exploring some of the boroughs, what draws me in is the world and the atmosphere.


      2. I have heard that they actually let you explore random apartments, tunnels, etc which do have loot which already puts a step up on destiny haha

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      3. That is true. It’s amazing to get that much atmosphere in the Division. World-building is everything to me!

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