E3 2016: BE3 News!

Embrace E3!


( the following is from Bethesda. net.)

“Clear your calendar and cancel your appointments. On the Sunday night before E3 2016, Bethesda will once again be taking the stage for another blowout BE3 Showcase.

On June 12, Bethesda will shine the spotlight on its upcoming lineup of games. But this is no ordinary Showcase. Along with new gameplay and electrifying updates, we’ve evolved BE3, adding a whole new part to the event: BE3 Plus. Immediately after the Showcase ends, attendees will enjoy a special Bethesda E3 experience, complete with game demos, hosted interviews and a variety of food and drinks. And, for those in attendance, we’ve even got a top-secret band taking the stage at 9pm PDT. You won’t want to miss their performance!

E3 21

Like last year’s inaugural BE3 Showcase, this year’s event isn’t just for media and industry insiders. After all, we’re not just celebrating our games, but also you – our fans. At BE3 2015 we had over a thousand fans in the audience, and this year we plan to have at least as many in attendance! If you’re local, or can arrange your own travel to Los Angeles (and are 17 years of age or older), you can register here through Sunday, May 1, for a chance to join us:https://be3showcase.bethsoft.com

If you can’t make it in person, we’ll be streaming the entire shindig, with the pre-show starting at 6:15 PDT, the Showcase beginning promptly at 7pm PDT, and BE3 Plus kicking off at 8pm PDT. Be sure to keep watching after the Showcase ends, because we’ll have even more inside scoops on our lineup of games straight from the developers, along with a peek at the BE3 Plus festivities.

Keep an eye on this post and our social channels for more info and updates about BE3 2016. And be sure to tune into the streams, which you can find on our official YouTube and Twitch channels.”


Twitch: (www.twitch.tv/bethesda)


Codsworth E3


Okay, folks. E3 is coming closer and closer, soon the day will be here and we will rejoice. What do you think Bethesda will reveal? Another Fallout, this time by Obsidian? Or that Space game that BGS ( Bethesda Game Studios.) is presumably working on? Or another Elder Scrolls? Sound off in the comments!

Also, be there or be square!




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