E3 2016: First Details on MEA

Ghost Riders in the Sky. 


Like in another Mass Effect games, Mass Effect: Andromeda is no different. There will be plenty of people to bang and to make out, Andromeda offers romantic options. Romance will be more fluid and more organic and relationships will evolve, I would like to see how those relationships evolve in the story and how it affects the story.

In the past, I thought the Original Mass Effect Trilogy’s romance options were a bit disappointing, just check in with someone and you get to the final scene and then you bang, after that it’s just there to serve your character. The romance options in Andromeda that the progression of Romance won’t be just check in with someone, which I like.



Also the romance will depend not just on flirting but also the tempers of the characters which I find interesting.

I’m looking forward to more details this Fall, and I hope it makes the Q1 2017 release date.


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