Battlefield 1: Photography: Photos from the Front



Battlefield 1’s beta has been in action for a week now, it’s an authentic 1914-1918 chronicle of the war that sees you on different fronts. From the Western Front that includes Belgium, France, and other battlefields and sees you on the Italian end of the war and to the deserts. The beta takes place in the Sinai Desert in 1914, you play as the British Empire and the Ottoman Empire who was allied with the Central Powers during World War I. These photos come from Petri Levälahti, 35, a Finnish gamer who enjoys in-game photography ( like me.) , some of them have a look of something you would’ve seen in the war.

Throughout the Great War, soldiers on both sides of the conflict brought cheap cameras to chronicle where they went and is something that we’ve seen alot now that Great War has turned 100 years old this year, take a look at the photos:




You can take a look at more photos here: ( ) , these are gorgeous photos, what do you think of them? Sound off in the comments!




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