Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: First Impressions



The original Mirror’s Edge which dropped in 2008 wasn’t perfect, but it felt refreshing and felt revolutionary in terms of gameplay and level design, no killing whatsoever and you had open level design in which you can go any way you want. The best part is that it defined the FPS camera that lend players Faith’s eyes and ears as you explore a urban futuristic city. Now fast forward to 2016, and FPG ( First Person Games.)  games are more diverse then ever with games like Gone Home, Tacoma, etc. Despite all of the new games coming out, Mirror’s Edge still feels like an outsider even though we haven’t seen in a long time.

I started to play it last night and the first thing I found is that the open world is completely sterile of any fun activities, and the world seems to be lacking any detail that makes it feel lifeless and desolate and of course some backtracking that seems to be a little bit too much.

The new Mirror’s Edge is a completely different beast then the Original and almost feels like a prequel although it’s a reboot meant for the modern day. We learn more about Faith and how she become a runner and we delve into her family while the game changes her story and the world around her, here’s the premise: Faith is released from prison and returns to her old life, running with the crew and running jobs for people with alot of cash to blow and few morals and once she stumbles on a piece of hardware, she lids a can of worms that is buried with her past. So far, it feels cliched just by the premise but I hope that changes.



I feel the best part of the game is that it makes me feel like an Olympian or a Olympian runner running for gold, it is thrilling running from mission to mission and running in that mission, avoiding bullets and avoiding enemies and launching off rails and buildings, it’s thrilling to just run. I didn’t play most of the missions because I was playing alot of the side missions and I was disappointed with them because they feel repetitive and just simply boring and that’s a disappointment.

So far, Mirror’s Edge is looking to be a slight disappointment but let’s see where it goes. Check out my review coming soon.



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  1. I just finished the original Mirror’s Edge a couple weeks ago. I also own Catalyst, but haven’t had a chance to play it yet. Whenever I finish Fallout 4 this game is next on my list to play.

    Also, I wish I could run as fast as Faith in real life.

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    • I finished years ago, I like it alot. You haven’t finished Fallout 4? I just wrapped it up for good ( with all the DLC included.) so I’m going to move on to other things, while still playing Fallout 4 ( apparently that game doesn’t end, just an FYI.)

      I picked up Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst on sale a couple months ago, I haven’t really gotten around to it until recently. The backlog is decently sized for now..

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