Farewell, Fallout: We’ll Meet Again



It’s been a long time coming , really. The first time I ever heard about a “Fallout 4” was in December of 2013  , I was excited and I was wondering when the game was going to be released. It was a myth, it conjured a mythical status for many years and at one point, I thought “Well shit, Fallout 4 is never coming out.” because it was reaching the 7-9 year mark until last year.

Last June, the unexpected came and Fallout 4 was announced. I unexpectedly lost my shit, it was like the game that we’ve all been waiting for finally came out not only was there a new Bethesda game after 5 years but it was a Fallout game.

When it released in November, I really liked Fallout 4. It was an unmissable open world experience, the Commonwealth was a world that we’ve never experienced before, it was something that we heard about in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, it was mentioned everywhere.

Then the expansions dropped, they were mediocre except for Automatron, Far Harbor and Nuka World, the last expansion to the near mythical Fallout 4. Each expansion felt tedious except for Far Harbor which I enjoyed because it was replicating Point Lookout from Fallout 3, and each expansion just pushed the settlement stuff which I hated doing in the base game and even more with the expansions, “Wasteland Workshop, Contraptions, and Vault Tec Workshop.”  but the three expansions, “Automatron, Far Harbor, and Nuka World.” actually felt like real Fallout expansions.

Despite these very underwhelming expansion packs, Fallout 4 still felt fun and nice to play and it was just a different Fallout with less RPG mechanics and more Shooting, but it was alright. It was a great journey that lasted nearly a year, it was great fun. Now, I’m looking forward to The Elder Scrolls VI or to a new project led by Todd Howard.


Fallout 4


It’s been a long time coming, I remember when Fallout 4 was just a myth and was something that we had in our dreams but now that is real and now that it is ending, it’s been a pleasure to return to Fallout and to return to a world that I can just get lost in and do whatever the hell I want.

Granted, Fallout 4 wasn’t really the best Fallout but it was alright. I enjoyed my time with it, and I can’t wait for next installment, Fallout 5. Let’s hope it doesn’t take too long of a wait, it’s been a pleasure. See you when I see you.



23 thoughts on “Farewell, Fallout: We’ll Meet Again

  1. Always sad when the end comes. Maybe you’ll still get some time out of it though.

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    1. Agreed. It’s always sad when you have to put the game aside ( What I usually do is play a game once and call it a day, I might replay it in some years for nostalgic purposes.)

      The real sadness will be when the last Fallout game in the series will be released. At least now, I can look forward to the sequel, Fallout 5 or whatever Fallout accompanies Fallout 4 in the style of New Vegas.

      It’s sad because we won’t see another Fallout game for years, I’d say Fallout 5 will be a 2020’s game. It’s been a good journey but now we look forward to Fallout 5 and The Elder Scrolls VI!

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      1. Elder Scrolls VI seems to be the next on the way, but I’d love to see another New Vegas style game from Obsidian.

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      2. Elder Scrolls VI won’t be out for another several years as stated by Todd Howard / Pete Hines. I would place Elder Scrolls VI someplace at the end of the generation, maybe 2019 or 2020 ( rumors suggest 2019 but I really doubt it.), Todd Howard has stated that they have 3 projects in development. I’m guessing two are original properties and the third is Elder Scrolls VI. It’s going to be a long wait for the next Elder Scrolls and Fallout.

        Obsidian already has stated that Fallout won’t be coming to them again, since Bethesda Game Studios has a Montreal Office now but I do wish and hope for another Obsidian Fallout game if Bethesda wanted to go that route again. I would love to see a Fallout game in 2018 and Elder Scrolls VI be out in 2019 but who knows.

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  2. I always shed a tear when I’m finished with an awesome game. It’s so sad to say goodbye to the fun journey I just finished.

    I’m still in the beginning of Fallout 4. I’m doing Brotherhood of Steel/Minutemen side quests before going to Diamond City for the first time. Wow, there sure are a lot of Feral Ghouls to destroy in the quests I’m doing now. I really feel like I’m playing a Resident Evil game, lol

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    1. Yeah, me too. I might replay it for nostalgia in like 2018 or 2019 or something like that, I’m just waiting for Elder Scrolls VI or Fallout 5 now or another Todd Howard game.

      Lucky you, I remember playing it for the first time and I was like WOAH, This is Fallout 4? Nice! The Feral Ghouls are intense, it’s always a blast to shoot em up, next time you rank up, I’m not sure what’s your luck level but get your luck up to 3 or 4 or 5 and get the Bloody Mess perk.

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      1. Thanks for the tip! That Bloody Mess perk is making things easier.

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      2. No problem. The Bloody Mess Perk is amazing, see all the gibs and all the body parts flying around.

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  3. Is Fallout 4 good.Because I wanted to buy fallout 3 but always had a thought at the back of my mind.So is it good.

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    1. It’s pretty good if you ask me. Not like Fallout 3, but it’s good. Fallout 3 is an absolute masterpiece, Fallout 4 isn’t a “Masterpiece” but it’s solid. I would recommend yes to try it out.

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      1. Thanks.But in my recommendation I think skyrim is simply better and is Bethesda studio’s best work

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      2. I would say that Oblivion, Morrowind and Fallout 3 are Bethesda Game Studio’s best work, Skyrim is a masterpiece but nowhere near the level of Morrowind or Oblivion.

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      3. Have you finished oblivion

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      4. Years ago. Nearly 9 years ago.

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      5. What is the ending because I have not completed it.I stopped by where you have to deliver that guy to the blades

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      6. That’s far from the ending. You stop the Oblivion Crisis and a certain someone dies which ends the Crisis. The Amulet of Kings is destroyed, and Cyrodill and Tamerial as a whole is saved. More or less.

        I went back to it several months ago, still love it.

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      7. I am guessing that certain someone is MARTIN SEPTIM

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      8. But do you even fight mehrunes dagon

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      9. I don’t think so, it’s been a while since I last played it to completion.

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      10. That sucks,then who is the main antagonist


    1. Thanks for the shoutout!


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