Battlefield 1: Singleplayer Impressions


For the first time since Battlefield: Bad Company 2, you can start a Battlefield campaign once more. Battlefield 1’s campaign is solid and remarkably good, although not a masterpiece but it’s pretty solid. The campaign is important and that’s something that we haven’t seen from Battlefield since 2010 with Bad Company 2.

The first thing is that it ditches the “World War II” system, this isn’t a one man’s story, it’s a story of multiple people fighting on the numerous frontlines of this Great War. It avoids the long campaign altogether and focuses on an Anthology system of numerous people. DICE has created a ‘World War I” system that works and I hope that many developers in the industry see this if they plan on doing a WWI game.

The first story that I did was the Gallipoli one where you storm the beaches of Gallipoli, it’s nowhere near the D-Day levels of the WW2 games like Medal of Honor or Call of Duty 2 but it’s cool to see artillery shells raining down from above and you have to storm the trenches, as I progress through that level, I find out that it’s pretty well-written and you feel invested in the characters which is a first for Battlefield, also a mention, each chapter is tonally different.

Storming St. Quentin, 1918.

Some characters in the campaign are looking for something. Some characters are looking to be a father figure to a secondary character, some characters are looking to survive this war that has changed the world, some are looking for redemption, and others are waging warfare to an oppression that has been around since the beginning of the Roman Empire. The campaign is pretty dark and somber and depressing, it’s a pretty dark game that doesn’t glorify warfare and it doesn’t demonize the enemy like the Germans or the Austrians which is good because most Military Shooter games demonize their opponent to make the player feel good about shooting at things and persons, which is in part thanks to the extremely depressing opening of the single-player.

This is the second step of creating a game that hasn’t been done before, and so far the singleplayer is paying off. Battlefield 1 proves and creates a point in the industry, WWI can work and WWI can be a great setting to explore in Military Shooters if done right and you can pull it off.

It’s a big departure from the Military Shooter scene that we’re getting now, it’s a huge departure and I hope it changes the scene like Call of Duty 4 did back in 2007.

Come back soon for my review of Battlefield 1.


8 thoughts on “Battlefield 1: Singleplayer Impressions

  1. I found the Battlefield 3 and 4 campaigns to be somewhat uninteresting. I can only really remember the train scene from 3 and nothing from 4! So it’s nice to hear the campaign is more memorable this time.

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    1. I agree with your statement. They were so boring, I liked the beginning of BF3’s campaign with the American Marines and that was the only thing I remember, alongside the Paris mission and Battlefield 4 was boring, those two campaigns were just boring as well as Hardline’s.

      It’s nice to actually see DICE give a damn about it’s story.

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  2. I don’t play well with others online, so I’m really happy to hear this has a solid single player campaign. War is definitely a tragic thing, and I may pick this up for the story. Looking forward to your review!

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    1. You don’t like to play online? I love online play, especially if you’re with your friends and a good squad then you’re in right hands. I was about to ditch multiplayer until I picked up Overwatch and then I just found Online play addicting again.

      Thanks! I can’t wait to write it up, the game is fantastic. War is tragic and no matter what time period it is, War never changes. The story isn’t a “masterpiece” but it’s good and it’s solid and that’s something I haven’t seen from Battlefield since the two Bad Company games.

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      1. Nah. I’ve had too many bad experiences with squeaky 12 year olds, lol

        I remember that line from the beginning of Fallout 4. It’s so true. Sounds like it’s a decent story I’d enjoy.

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      2. LOL. SAME, I remember so much cringing back in the days of Call of Duty: MW2 and MW3, because I used to be in chat. Yikes, flashbacks.

        The tagline is the motto for the entire Fallout franchise. It’s a great motto.

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  3. YurikaMiyoshi 03/15/2017 — 7:08

    If you didn’t notice, you only played as the Triple Entente: Britain and Italy only. The Arabian campaign is part of the British side. Gallipoli campaign was also British. Still, the Triple Alliance, the AI enemies aren’t fully demonized, and for me, I felt so heartbroken killing every single AI enemy. The stories were done with a heart, taking human emotion to mind.

    Regardless, this is a memorable campaign. Beats Battlefield 4 by a mile!


    1. I noticed. Nometheless, it’s beats Battlefield 3’s and Battlefield 4’s by a mile. It was done with emotion and feeling, I kinda teared up.


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