Why Operations is the Best Game Mode



Operations have become my go to gamemode in Battlefield 1, no longer is Conquest in the fold for anything unless when it comes to the new map, Giant’s Shadow. There’s something about Operations that first attracted me to it when the game was about to launch several months ago. Perhaps, it was the history professor in me that wanted to experience how soldiers fought in a war that is very obscure, perhaps it was me wanting some historical details and to fight in historical battles that took place throughout the Great War and I came out wanting more and more. Too bad, there is only 4 ¬†Operations for now.

Operations takes real life battles and real life operations and turns them into great battles in the game. You have a series of 2 to 3 maps that are played simultaneously, meanwhile you’re getting details of how the operation went down and you’re getting facts all along the way, it’s a great mode that is for the History buffs. Usually, it takes 2 hours to get through the Operation unless it has 3 maps to it. You have 3 chances to attack and defend and if you pass the map, then you’ll move on with the remaining battalion. For example, if you swipe the opposition out and still have 3 battalions left, you will go on to the next map with 3 battalions and that’ll give you enough of a boost if possible to finish off the defending team.

For example, if you fight on Operation Michael, you’ll do battle on Saint Quentin Scar and do battle at the outskirts of Amiens where the Germans were trying to reach the train station there and push the British back to the sea. You’ll start with 3 chances to attack and defend, the battle can go anywhere and you can lose just right at the beginning of the map with the trenches, or you can lose at the village of Travecy. The battle can go either way and that’s what makes it so exciting, it’s the feeling that you can lose the battle or win the battle and you will be able to change the outcome of the war and wonder if this had happened, would it end up being a victory for the Central Powers. It’s a great way to think about history and have imagination.



It’s a great mode, one that has become one of my favorites and perhaps it is because of the facts and the history lessons that the mode gives you when you’re about to start the match or when you’re switching maps. It’s a mode that shows how big this war really was and shows that most of the history books were wrong, and it’s an experience that sticks with you when you play the game.

Personally, I ¬†believe that Operations is an iconic gamemode that might go down in one of gaming’s best multiplayer modes. It’s grand, it’s large scale warfare, it’s historical. One of the best modes that I’ve had the pleasure of playing this year.




4 thoughts on “Why Operations is the Best Game Mode

  1. I agree, totally! I feel that Operations gives my online matches much more purpose and a proper objective; instead of jumping from flag to flag or running around killing people with no real reasoning.

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