Why “Dunkirk” Is One of the Most Important WWII Films of Our Time



1940 as Churchill said in his “finest hour” speech was Britannia’s “finest hour” and in the same exact speech said that Dunkirk was a colossal military failure. Nolan’s film about the topic pushed that and in return, it came out to be moving and powerful and in somehow it understood how important the Evacuation was and many of those men lived to see D-Day and hopefully the defeat of the Nazi war machine. Hitler’s forces including the Luftwaffe struck a blow on England, defeated France and Belgium, left their armies crushed and it was so chaotic that the BEF’s remnants was only that of shaken survivors.

The key point about Dunkirk is that it could’ve been worse. In a fateful decision, Adolf Hitler himself, Field Marshall Gerd von Rundstedt and G√ľnther von Kluge recommended that the infantry around Dunkirk should halt and rest, at a moment when the Panzer divisions might as well wipe off the reminder of the BFE in no time. The killing or capture of the 338,226 troops who were mainly French would have been a killing blow to the British and their morale, Nazi Germany could’ve won the war. The Miracle of Dunkirk was a combination of British strong resolve and the misjudgment on the German part.

“Wars are not won by evacuations.” , as Churchill rightly said. There were many in Britain in the summer of 1940 who believed that he should seek a negotiation with the Germans and Hitler himself. ¬†Churchill didn’t give up and thought the Allies would win, by 1944 the Americans had entered the war, and the Allied advance would liberate France and would have the Germans falling back to the Siegfried Line with the Russians making great advancements in the East. They had won, at last.

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One thing I liked about “Dunkirk” is that it showed how important this Evacuation really was and this evacuation would shape how the war would go and that in the end, if it wasn’t for the civilian’s who came for these men, then the war would’ve gone a different route with the possibility that the whole world including the United States would be in German hands and that their citizens would be speaking German right now. “Dunkirk” and Christopher Nolan understood how big this thing really was, D-Day wasn’t the big event of our world but Dunkirk was the big event of our world and it would shape Britain’s history and the world’s history forever.

“Dunkirk” is one of the greatest WWII films ever made in our time because it brought a new light on a battle that not many know, especially Americans didn’t know about and that it understood how massive this evacuation was. “Dunkirk” will go down as an all-time classic only seen in the likes of “Saving Private Ryan” and “Band of Brothers.” , the film is the British response to that and in return, it came out a big success. It’s a towering achievement.




2 thoughts on “Why “Dunkirk” Is One of the Most Important WWII Films of Our Time

  1. A solid movie that Nolan can perfect by now. Nice review.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m really hoping that he turns this into a Trilogy. I would like to see his deception of D-Day and Fionn’s and Harry’s characters stories continuing.

      This movie is an absolute classic.


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